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BASF also showed Laromer PR 9140, a low viscosity, low migration oligomer for inks and coatings for sensitive applications. Irgacure LEX 201 and Irgacure 127 are photoinitiators that comply with Swiss list regulations. Irgacure 127 is a di-functional, AHK photoinitiator with excellent surface cure and low odor after curing. <b>BASF</b> recommends that the reader. Irgacure 290 has low chloride and low free acid. Irgacure 290 is recommended for cationic cure applications such as: • Stereo lithography • Thin-film coatings • Clear and pigmented top coats on plastic and metal • Adhesives • Photoresists • LED curing (365 nm – 405 nm LEDs).

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